Planning and structural analysis from a single source

General and civil engineering from a single source

Our service includes structural analysis for the preliminary planning, planning for building permission as well as detailed design (formwork drawing, reinforcement drawing and working drawing). Beyond that, we take on the general planning for projects.

With our qualified and motivated team, our specialization on few subject areas and our modern corporate structure, we contribute to optimization of building structures with compliance to current rules and standards.

Our advantages are:

  • Over 45 years of experience in engineering
  • Economical development of structures
  • Efficient building construction
  • Close teamwork with Architects and clients
  • Computing with modern software programs
  • A strong, well trained and experienced team

Experience and Innovation in German and international markets

Grotemeier Engineers plan various civil buildings such as laboratories, research plants, administration complexes (Bayer AG), logistic centres and housing estates. Various composting plants are also in planning.

The increasing international orientation of our firm during the last years is visible in some of the new interesting and challenging projects such as a production plant for WABCO electronic braking systems in Wroclaw, Poland, or a logistic centre for hazardous substances in Reykjavik, Iceland. Another challenging project was a composting plant in Dohuk, Irak. Grotemeier has also planned a distribution centre in Copenhagen for the logistic service provider Dachser.

New challenges call for new structures within a firm. Beside English-speakers, our team now includes a Chinese-born engineer with both Chinese and German university degrees.

Our service skala:

1. Structural calculation

  • course design
  • structural design
  • structural calculation and analysis
  • form work and reinforcement drawing
  • construction and detail planning
  • steel, wood and solid structures
  • demolition planning

2. Building physics


  • concepts for soundproofing protection of buildings
  • concepts for protection of individual components within building interior
  • con cepts for protection against outside noise

Thermal insulation

  • concepts for installations and building envelopes
  • calculation of thermal bridges
  • energy advisory service
  • calculation of buildings based on the “passive house” standards

3. Fire protection

  • preparation of fire protection certification

Our spheres of action:


  • Offices and administration buildings
  • Public buildings (schools, fire stations, hospitals, laboratory buildings)
  • Industrial buildings
  • Logistic buildings
  • structural alteration of existing buildings including accompanying interim and evidence-protection, and if necessary demolition planning
  • housing projects

Civil engineering

  • composting plants
  • smokestacks
  • foundations for industrial machines (e.g. flight simulators)
  • recycling plants
  • calculation of structural dynamics etc.
  • sewage treatment plants
  • rainwater retention basins
  • shaft construction