History of the Firm

Grotemeier Engineers was founded in Bielefeld in the year 1965 and has for decades been a guarantee in the branch of building construction. The construction engineers work on projects in Germany as well as in the international market.

The family company in East-Westfalia values tradition and has a vision for the future. The head of the company is Dipl.-Ing. Gerd Grotemeier and leads a team of more than 10 Construction Engineers, Architects, Structural Engineers, Stress Analysts, Construction Planners and Draftsmen.

1965: Founding

Founding Father, Dipl.-Ing. Karl Grotemeier, first completed training in joinery in the workshop belonging to his parents in Porta Westfalica. Following his qualification, he furthered his education with studies at the School of Engineering in Hagen. After graduation with the degree of Diplom Engineer (Dipl.-Ing.) and first occupational experience in Wuppertal, he founded his own firm in Bielefeld, the home city of his wife. Until the end of 2012, he led the company together with his son, who is now the head of the firm. Today he remains an important consultant in company matters.

1997: The second generation

As the son of Dipl.-Ing. Karl Grotemeier, Dipl.-Ing. Gerd Grotemeier decided his future at an early age. His wish was to tread in the footsteps of his father and to expand the family firm. Following his carpenter training in Bielefeld and his completion of studies with a degree in Construction Engineering awarded from the RWTH Aachen (Dipl.-Ing.), he worked for Bilfinger & Berger in Mannheim and Brussels. During that time, his responsibilities were the acquisition and transaction of large contracts within the European Market, experience which benefits and promotes his work as head of the Grotemeier firm. In 1997 he received the bid for a new Dr. Oetker Production Factory in Oerlinghausen (near Bielefeld). That was the turning point in his career which led to the decision to return to the family firm as partner with his father. On January 1, 1998 Grotemeier Engineers GbR was founded.

2000: Expansion

The firm continues growing, employing new engineers and upgrading its possibilities. Thanks to modern software, complex building projects become possible and more elaborate planning for clients become realities.

In order to uphold rising standards, office capacities must be enlarged and a new building addition becomes reality for the existing enterprise in Bielefeld.

2008: General planning as new branch

Beside structural analysis and calculation for large projects such as laboratories, office buildings or composting plants, Grotemeier Engineering, resulting from decades of experience, increasingly assumes general planning of building projects.

2010: Grotemeier goes International

The team of Grotemeier Engineers serves clients and customers in Germany and in the European area aiding in interesting and challenging projects.

2013: The passing of the sceptre

Due to increasing age, Dipl.-Ing. Karl Grotemeier retires from active work in the firm and transfers the responsibility to his son, Dipl.-Ing. Gerd Grotemeier who as of

December 31, 2012 manages the firm alone. Dipl.-Ing. Karl Grotemeier with his long years of experience remains as an esteemed advisor for the team.